11 April 2012

NO. 108 WISH

Happy Birthday Shannon - you are only how old???

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday and if I could also make a birthday wish today, it would be to have her live A LOT closer to me. I haven't thought the wish out enough to know if that means we would move north or they would come south, but not so sure somewhere in the middle is where we want to all end up...

I married into a great family, a really great one. They have thanked me for "taking them as they are" on numerous occasions and I always beg to differ - THANK YOU for taking me as I am, right from the very beginning. For the most part, I have always known Shannon as a mom and one that I admire greatly. I love watching the relationship she has with each of her children - all very unique from each other and the way she responds fits each of their personalities. I love watching her enjoy her children - really enjoy them and laugh along side them. And speaking of laughing, what a great laugh her and Greg have. Their relationship is one of those that stands the test of trials and comes through hand in hand...

Life is busy in their family right now, but I hope today she felt extra-loved. I thought about you all day yesterday in preparation for your birthday and then at 9pm glanced at my calendar and realized today was your day... enjoy that extra hour of the day that you have on me (until we live in the same timezone).

I love you.

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  1. You are so sweet--I can't wait until we can get together this summer!