16 May 2012


We all hunt for things in life - happiness, joy, contentment, satisfaction - and the search continues or comes up empty handed until we (I) stop searching and instead find Christ. I am a slow learner too often, but gladly learning that I don't have to search, but need to accept all that is offered to me from the hands of God. His grace is sufficient and abiding in Him is better than what I was hunting for all along. 

Speaking of hunting, some hunt for eggs at Easter and other's hunt for (insert choice word) moles in our front yard - and in the end, they all found more than they hoped for...

 I couldn't help but sneak these pictures in - Burns is right by her side every waking hour, even when he is tired and ready for a nap. Talk about a good sport...


  1. I love the pictures of those two little ones. They are adorable. I so hope we get to see ya'll this summer and kiss those chubby checks!

  2. Aaah! ok....love these updated pictures! And Hadleys leotard still fits??? That made my day!

  3. yay for pics! LOVE the 2nd pic....that face Burns is making is sooooo Bobby! and the last pic - of Hadley - adorable. Such a "Klug stance!" :)